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Coopoly - Logo

About Us

Coopoly is a cooperative bookstore… and more! It was founded in October 1944 by students, for students. Our first goal is to serve our members' needs. On top of the specialized books and office supplies sale, Coopoly is highly involved into the Polytechnique’s community. A part of its annual budget is dedicated to sponsor many student committees and activities.

Every dollar you spend at Coopoly will be returned to you in some way: either with a purchase discount (members get lower prices), the sponsorship of your committee or with the scholarship that Coopoly gives to the involved students.

ArrowIn 2020-2021, Coopoly is proud to have given:
Purchase discounts
Sponsorships $0
Scolarships $0
Student jobs
Advertising and promotion in the community

Managed by its members, Coopoly is led by a board of directors, elected from students and other members from the Polytechnique’s community. Click on the link below to find out who are the board members:

2021-2022 Board of Directors


To know more about all the Coopoly activities check our 2011-2012 annual report by clicking on the link below:

2020-2021 Annual Report (in French)