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Go Pro : 7 Steps to becoming a network marketing professional
Go Pro : 7 Steps to becoming a network marketing professional
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Network Marketing
ISBN-13: 9780988667907
ISBN-10: 0988667908
Synopsis: Over twenty years ago at a company convention, Eric Worre had an aha moment that changed his life forever. At that event he made the decision to Go Pro and become a Network Marketing expert. Since that time, he has focused on developing the skills to do just that. In doing so, Eric has touched and been touched by hundreds of thousands of people around the world. Now he shares his wisdom in a guide that will ignite your passion for this profession and help you make the decision to Go Pro and create the life of your dreams. In this definitive guidebook, you will learn to: -Find prospects -Invite them to your product or opportunity -Present your product -Follow up with your prospects -Help them become customers or distributors -Help them get started right -Grow your team by promoting events -And much, much more. Eric's wish is for you to make the decision to become a Network Marketing Professional. For you to truly Go Pro. Because it is a stone-cold fact that Network Marketing is a better way. Now let's go tell the world.

About the Author: Eric Worre has been a leader in the Network Marketing Profession for over 25 years. In the course of his esteemed career as a top producing Network Marketing Professional, he has: -Earned over $15 million -Built sales organizations totaling over 500,000 distributors in over 60 countries -Worked as the president of a $200 million direct-selling company -Co-founded and worked as president of his own company, TPN The Peoples Network -Worked as a seven-figure-a-year marketing consultant to the direct-selling industry. Along the way, Eric has purposefully become an accomplished trainer, and has conducted live events with over 250,000 people around the world, teaching them how to also become Network Marketing Professionals. He has shared the stage with Anthony Robbins, the late Jim Rohn, Brian Tracy, Denis Waitley, the late Stephen Covey, Tom Peters, Les Brown, the late Og Mandino, David Bach, Robert Kiyosaki, Harvey Mackay, Art Williams, Ken Blanchard, Tom Rath, Daniel Pink, Mark Victor Hansen, Jack Canfield, Jeffrey Gitomer, Tom Hopkins, and many others. In 2009, Eric founded, the most-watched training site in the Network Marketing Profession, with an audience in 137 countries around the world. Since its inception, Network Marketing Pro has provided hundreds of free training videos encompassing dozens of interviews with the most iconic and successful Distributors in the world, and the most powerful training events in the Network Marketing Profession. He ends each of his videos with his trademark statement: Ladies and gentlemen, my wish for you is that you decide to become a Network Marketing Professional you decide to Go Pro because it is a stone-cold fact that we have a better way. Now let s go tell the world. Network Marketing ProTM